Individuals and institutions can apply to become associates of NITheP on an invitation basis. 

Our associates are:


Prof Jacek Banasiak (UP)

Prof Igor Barashenkov (UCT)

Dr Bruce Bartlett (SU)

Prof Bruce A Bassett (AIMS) (SAAO) (UCT)

Prof Nigel Bishop (RU)

Prof Moritz Braun (UNISA)

Dr Jeandrew Brink (UOFS)

Prof Erwin Bruning (UKZN)

Prof Martin Bucher (UKZN)

Prof Nithaya Chetty (WITS)

Dr Hsin Cynthia Chang (UKZN)

Dr Chris Clarkson (UCT)

Prof Jean Cleymans (UCT)

Prof Alan Cornell (UJ)

Dr Alvaro de la Cruz Dombriz (UCT)

Prof Robert de Mello Koch (WITS)

Prof Cesareo A Dominguez (UCT)

Prof Peter Dunsby (UCT)

Dr Rocco Duvenhage (UP)

Prof Hans Eggers (SU)

Prof George Ellis (UCT)

Prof Artur Every (WITS)

Prof Stefan Ferreira (NWU)

Dr Kevin Goldstein (WITS)

Dr Filippo Giraldi (UKZN)

Prof W Dieter Heiss (SU)

Prof Manfred Hellberg (UKZN)

Dr Gregory Hillhouse (UZULU)

Dr Shinji Hirano (WITS)

Prof W.A. Horowitz (UCT)

Prof Vishnu Jejjala (WITS)

Dr Anslyn John (SU)

Prof Daniel Joubert (WITS)

Prof Steven Karataglidis (UJ)

Dr Hannes Kriel (SU)

Prof Thomas Konrad (UKZN)

Dr Julien Larena (RU)

Prof Mantile Lekala (UNISA)

Dr Yin-Zhe Ma (UKZN)

Prof Roy Maartens (UWC)

Prof Richard Mace (UKZN)

Prof Sunil Maharaj (UKZN)

Prof Oluwole Daniel Makinde (SU)

Prof Rapela Regina Maphanga (CSIR)

Dr Refilwe Edwin Maphasha (UP)

Prof Alan Joseph Micheal Medved (RU)

Dr Shazrene Mohamed (SAAO)

Prof Kavilan Moodley (UKZN)

Prof Kristian Muller-Nedebock (SU)

Prof Azwinndini Muronga (NMU)

Prof Jeff Murugan (UCT)

Prof Nico Orce (UWC)

Dr Giuseppe Pellicane (UKZN)

Prof Andre Peshier (UCT)

Prof Denis Pollney (RU)

Prof Martin Porrmann (UKZN)

Prof Marius Potgieter (NWU)

Prof Alex Quandt (WITS)

Prof Sergei Rakitianski (UP)

Dr Stef Roux (CSIR)

Prof Pavlo Selyshchev (UP)

Dr Alessandro Sergi (UKZN)

Dr Jonathan Shock (UCT)

Prof Jonathan Sievers (UKZN)

Dr Ilya Sinayskiy (UKZN)

Dr Izak Snyman (WITS)

Dr Du Toit Strauss (NWU)

Prof Mark Tame (SU)

Dr Gary Tupper (UCT)

Dr Aniekan Magnus Ukpong (UKZN)

Dr Herman Uys (SU)

Prof Mattia Vaccari (UWC)

Prof Raoul Viollier (UCT)

Prof Andre Weideman (SU)

Prof Herbert Weigel (SU)

Prof Heribert Weigert (UCT)

Prof Amanda Weltman (UCT)

Prof Konstantinos Zoubos (UP)

Dr Caroline Zunckel (UKZN)


Dr Amare Abebe (NWU)

Dr Eric Maluta (UNIVEN)

Dr Thuto Mosuang (UL)


iThemba LABS


Centre for Theoretical Physics (UCT)

Cosmology Group (UCT)

Centre for Space Research (NWU)



Prof Kanshukan Rajaratnam (Director School for Data Science and Computational Thinking at Stellenbosch University)

Dr Joseph Kirui (Hod Physics Department UNIVEN)

Prof Barry Green (AIMS)

Prof Lesley Cornish (DSR/NRF CoE in Strong Materials)

Prof Ludwig Combrinck (HartRAO)

CEO of IThemba LABS




An associate is selected every 4 years to serve as Associate Representative. One of the Associate Representative’s key responsibilities is to represent the body of associates at NITheP’s strategic meetings.

The current Associate Representative is Prof Will Horowitz:

“A microsecond after the Big Bang, all of space existed at a trillion degrees, one hundred thousand times hotter than the centre of the sun. 13.8 billion years later, massive collaborations of thousands of scientists recreate these conditions of the early universe thousands of times a second in one of the most expensive and complicated science experiments ever attempted. My research focuses on the physics explored in these Little Bangs, ephemeral fireballs that–during their lifetimes of less than a billionth of a trillionth of a second–are droplets of the hottest, most perfect fluid in the universe.”

Prof Will Horowitz

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